Store Policies


We try to be fair on prices and stand behind our products. However, the changes in the world economic situation sometimes force us to change prices on short notice. When this occurs, we try to provide as much advance notice as is possible.


Contact us directly us via e-mail, phone, or snail mail to place an order. We accept credit cards, bank checks, and personal checks which we will not ship on until the check clears. We accept foreign orders. National Capital Trains reserves the right to cancel any order based on our sole discretion. See Shipping & Returns for more information.


We sell a significant number of small parts and electronic devices. These are not suitable or intended for use by children under 14. We ask that you use discretion at the time you purchase such products for young children. We also advise you to contact the manufacturer if you have specific questions or concerns about the suitability of certain products for young children.

Typographical Errors

We recognize that we are not perfect and sometimes make mistakes such as incorrectly listing an item. Should we list an item on the web site at an incorrect price, we reserve the right to cancel or refuse orders listed at the inaccurate price. If we have already processed your credit card, we will issue you a refund on your credit card for the price you paid.

Use of Site

We will not accept abusive or foul language, harassment, or any additional antisocial behavior on this site. These actions include libel, invasion of privacy or any illegal actions. It is also strictly forbidden to use information (e.g., upload) from this site data for the purpose establishing a commercial online entity.

Third Party Links

As part of our effort to educate customers and ourselves on the rapidly introduction of new products and technologies, we provide for your information linkages to third party manufacturers and importers. We are not linked to these commercial entities by ownership, operation, or policies. Therefore, we are not responsible for any data that you may access from these sites.