N Scale Accessories

Group Item Name Item Identifier (Unit # or Brass ID) Description Inventory SellingPrice Per Unit
Kato European and Japanese Trains, Including Trams (All Operating Units Are Analog Versions)
Kato Structure Kit 23-122 Overhead Transit Station 2-Track 1
Kato Station Kit 23-140 Unitram/Unitrak Station 2
Kato Station Kit 23-220 Rural Freight Station 1
Kato American Station Kit 31-650 North American Suburban Station Kit 2
Kato Large Station Kit 23-125 Major N Scale Station 2
Kato Soundboxx and Analog Sound Cards (Can Be Used with N Scale or HO Scale)
Soundboxx 22-101-1 Analog Sound Box for North American Market 2 $225.00
Analog Sound Card 22-202-1 UP FEF; SP GS4 Heavy Steam Card 4 $24.00
Analog Sound Card 22-202-2 EMD 3rd Generation Diesel Sound Card 2 $24.00
Analog Sound Card 22-202-3 GE 3rd Generation Diesel Sound Card 6 $24.00
Analog Sound Box 22-202-4 USRA Light Steam Sound Card (Mikado) 0 $24.00
Analog Sound Card 22-203-1 ACS-64 Siemens Electric Locomotive Sound Card 2 $24.00